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Social Media

Social media is an important communication channel for the Danish Agro group and its subsidiaries. Therefore, it is important that all companies behave equally and consistently across platforms.

To ensure a similar look across the group we use the trademark as a profile picture. Other sender information is written in profile information.

That means also that profile pictures with a company logo is not allowed. 

The trademark on a Facebook profile.

The trademark on a LinkedIn profile.

Size of trademark

The trademark shall be centered horizontal and have a sudden space around it equivalent to 2 out of 10 vertical squares.

This aspect ratio applies whether the trademark is to be displayed in a round or square profile picture.

Download the trademark for SoMe
You can download a ZIP-file with the trademark in every version you'll need under the 'Tools and Templates' menu. 

The logo shall be shown in colours on a 100% white background.

Please respect a minimum distance to the logo, equivalent to the height of the dot in the i in Danish above the trademark and the height of the trademark below the logo.