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Logo construction

The group logo

Most of the subsidiaries of the Danish Agro group has a logo based on the same recipe - the company name in the corporate logo font, The Mix Agro, combined with the same trademark, the two leaves. 

The payoff, Cultivating Value, can be obmitted to get a more clean look, depending on the context.

The official colours of the logo must be used at all time. 

The trademark

The Danish Agro group and all the subsidiary logos have the same trademark – the two leaves. 

The trademark represents growth, development and progress and provides a visual link to our industry.

It combines the subsidiaries together with a visual link across the group which strengthens our branding.

The payoff

The payoff is used by all subsidiaries. It describes the group’s focus on developing and creating value for our customers. A focus we aim to live by every day.

  • Cultivating refers to our passionate wish of strengthening, growing and refining concrete products and human capabilities and knowledge.
  • Value refers to the value creation we wish to see our customers build up when doing business with us whether it being concrete results on the farm or through improved knowledge.